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Avyakt Murli 8 January 2023

"May you have an intellect filled with faith! May you be immortal!"

Original murli 23/4/1993

Listen from Mohini Didi about her experiences with experimenting with this murli:

Experiments in Silence 2: Jan 8 - Jan 14, 2023

Sunday 8/1/23

Self-respect: I am a soul who is full of good wishes and pure feelings.      



How can I always have good wishes and pure feelings?


Practise of yoga:

I, one with pure and positive thoughts, a master ocean of forgiveness, with the rays of my pure thoughts, am spreading rays of good wishes and pure feelings everywhere in the world.  All souls are becoming complete with happiness and peace.


Monday 9/1/23

Self-respect: I am a soul with faith in the intellect and thereby victorious.



How much faith do I have in the Father, in the drama and in the Brahmin family?  What are the signs of souls who have faith in the intellect?


Practise of yoga:

Father Brahma became number one on the basis of faith.  I, the soul who has faith in the intellect, as the foundation of the fortress of this yagya, knowing BapDada to be present in front of me, being under His canopy of protection, am always carefree.  Practise yoga sitting with the experience of being victorious.


Tuesday 10/1/23

Self-respect: I am a soul who has the fortune of happiness.



What is the life that is complete with all attainments and full of happiness?  What are the signs of completion and perfection?


Practise of yoga:

I, the soul, have a right to the instant fruit, I am full with all powers, and overflowing with all attainments… Always maintain this intoxication: Having found the Father, I have found everything.  Experience: No one is as fortunate as I am.  Vibrations of happiness are spreading everywhere through me.


Wednesday 11/1/23

Self-respect: I am a carefree emperor.



Have I surrendered all my responsibilities to the Father?  What is the carefree stage?


Practise of yoga:

Baba has taken away all my responsibilities.  The Almighty Authority Father is with me, and I have attained all His powers.  With the awareness of Karavanhar (One who inspires), experience the stage of always being a carefree emperor.  Sit in this elevated stage and make souls free from worry.


Thursday 12/1/23

Self-respect: I am a combined form.        



What is the combined form (the stage of being merged in love)? What is its experience?


Practise of yoga:

Just as soul and body are combined, in the same way, always experience the self to be combined with the Father.  Be combined and experience the stage of being merged in the Father’s love.


Friday 13/1/23

Self-respect: I am a soul seated on the heart-throne. 



What is the stage of being seated on God’s heart-throne?  What are the attainments through this stage?


Practise of yoga:

Seated on the immortal throne of the forehead, I am a self-sovereign, a master of the self.  Hold a court of your physical and subtle organs.  I am a soul seated on Baba’s heart-throne, a soul who has a right to God’s love and so seated on the throne of the kingdom in the future…. Practise yoga in this awareness.


Saturday 14/1/23

Self-respect: I am a trikaldarshi soul.



What is the trikaldarshi stage?  What would my thoughts, words and actions be like in this stage?


Practise of yoga:

I am an elevated soul… Be stable in this self-respect and, while having any thought, speaking any words or performing any actions, be knowledge-full and remain set on the seat of being trikaldarshi. Experience: Whatever happened was good, what is happening is better and what is going to happen will be even better… Experience the flying stage with this awareness.

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