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Avyakt Murli 1 January 2023

"In the Avyakt Year, make your aim and qualifications the same. Be humble and become great."

Original murli 26/3/1993

Listen from Brother Raju, Madhuban, about his experiences with experimenting with this murli:

Experiments in Silence 1: Jan 1 - Jan 7, 2023

Sunday 1/1/23

Self-respect: I am a bodiless soul



How can I create the bodiless stage whilst in this body?  What is the experience if that?


Practise of yoga:

I am a bodiless soul, separate from this body.  I am free from all attractions and attachments to the body and am becoming complete and perfect.  Through this practice, experience the body and the soul to be separate.

Monday 2/1/23

Self-respect: I am a double-light angel.


How can the subtle, angelic stage be created?  What is the experience of this stage?

Practise of yoga:

I, the soul, in the subtle orb of light, beyond the consciousness of the body, become an angel in the subtle region and am spreading rays of light and might.

Tuesday 3/1/23

Self-respect: I am an incorporeal soul.



What is the experience of the eternal incorporeal form?  What are the attainments through this practice?


Practise of yoga:

I, the incorporeal soul in my original form in the supreme abode, am peaceful, pure, in a divine sparkling stage.  Being stable in this form, experience the stage of a master sun of knowledge.


Wednesday 4/1/23

Self-respect: I am completely egoless.



What are the subtle obstacles in becoming egoless?  What are the signs of an egoless soul?


Practise of yoga:

Being free from the consciousness of the body, I am egoless, like Father Brahma.  Instead of “I”, “I, the soul” and instead of “mine”, “my Baba” – being stable in this stage, I remain merged in love.


Thursday 5/1/23

Self-respect: I am a soul who spreads spiritual vibrations.



How can I spread vibrations through my attitude?


Practise of yoga:

Being beyond the vibrations of waste, being stable in a powerful stage, be a master sun of knowledge and, with your powerful attitude and spiritual vibrations, practise making the atmosphere satopradhan.


Friday 6/1/23

Self-respect: I am a great soul.   



How can I become great?  What are the qualifications of a great soul?


Practise of yoga:

Being a master creator and always carrying out the task of renewal, I am a great soul.  I am a master bestower of happiness.  Rays of happiness are spreading everywhere through me.


Saturday 7/1/23

Self-respect: I am a living idol.



What is the duty of I, the living idol?  By being stable in this stage, what type of service takes place?


Practise of yoga:

I, the soul, the living idol, am present in the temple of this body and am fulfilling everyone’s desires.  Many devotee souls are happy to have a glimpse of me.  A long line of devotees is in front of me.

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