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Going Beyond - Staying Beyond

"... you have to become a lighthouse. Experience this form of yours whilst walking and moving along. You now have to practise this. Completely forget your body. "


Avakt murli 18 January 2022

(For full murli click here)

DECEMBER 2023 - Month of Preparation

1.    Purpose
The purpose of this practice during December is to build momentum and deepen our commitment to making full efforts in January 2024, the Month of Silence.

2.    Experimenting with the Avyakt Murli of January 18, 2022
During the month of December, all are invited to experiment with the very special Avyakt Murli of January 18, 2022. Each soul decides for him/herself in which way he/she wants to work with this Murli.


Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Read this murli daily during the whole month of December.

  • Fix 1 day every week when you read this murli 4-6 times.

  • Keep repeating and explaining this murli to yourself.

  • Journal daily on your experiences.

  • We encourage every soul to write at least 1 blog entry of your experiences, improvements in your stage or realizations on 

3.    One to one exchange with another soul on a daily basis.
Each person self-selects a soul with whom they share their experiences and insights for 10 minutes each day. Guidelines:

  • Keep the exchange limited to the purpose this exchange is dedicated to. If needed, re-direct the exchange back to the topic as the aim is to come closer to Baba and to the stage He wants us to have.

  • Maintain confidentiality about everything that has been shared.

  • Start and end with 1 min. silence.

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