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Avyakt Murli 22 January 2023

"Become souls who are embodiments of knowledge
and experiment with knowledge in order to achieve easy success."

Original murli 25/11/1993

Listen from Didi Sudesh about her experiences with experimenting with this murli:

Experiments in Silence 4: Jan 23 - Jan 28, 2023

Sunday 22/1/23

Self-respect: I, the soul, am an embodiment of knowledge.


Did I stay beyond wasteful thoughts, words and actions today?  By paying attention to which things am I able to remain free from waste?

Practice of yoga:

I, the soul, merge in the ocean of knowledge, become a master sun of knowledge and am spreading the light of knowledge everywhere. My every thought, word and action is becoming powerful… the darkness of ignorance is being dispelled from within me… I have become an embodiment of knowledge.

Monday 23/1/23

Self-respect: I am a soul with elevated sanskars.



In order to transform my ordinary sanskars, what things do I need to pay attention to?  What special effort must I make for this?

Practice of yoga:

I am a soul with divine sanskars, my original and eternal sanskars are very elevated. Whatever ordinary sanskars I have at the present moment are becoming divine by being coloured with the colour of God’s company.

Tuesday 24/1/23

Self-respect: I, the soul, am a conqueror of matter.



What are the signs of a soul who is the conqueror of matter?  What is the method to become a conqueror of matter?

Practice of yoga:

I, the soul, a master lord of matter, a child of the Lord of Matter, am especially giving rays of peace to the five elements of nature and am making them peaceful. Through the spiritual endeavour of I, the yogi, most elevated soul, all the facilities of matter are becoming co-operative.

Wednesday 25/1/23

Self-respect: I am a bodiless and tapaswi soul.


In order to adopt my bodiless and tapaswi form, what effort must I make?  What should I pay attention to?

Practice of yoga:

I am a bodiless, tapaswi soul… devotees are especially remembering and worshipping the memorial of my tapaswi form. I, the tapaswi soul, with my third eye of knowledge, am finishing the tamopradhan nature in the world.

Thursday 26/1/23

Self-respect: I am a soul who is a conqueror of sinful actions.


What is the method to attain victory over all the vices?  What would be the signs of a soul who is a conqueror of sinful actions?

Practice of yoga:

I, the soul, in my original and eternal form am completely pure…  With the help of God, my Father, I have attained victory over the snake of the vices. I am now dancing over them with happiness, causing waves of happiness to spreading the world.

Friday 27/1/23

Self-respect: I am a soul, an image that grants visions.   



Which effort will make me into an image that grants visions? What things do I need to pay attention to in order to become an image that grants visions?

Practice of yoga:

I, the soul, am an image that grants visions.  My devotees are standing in a line, having a vision of me and experiencing happiness, peace, love and bliss.  Sitting in your worship-worthy form, do the service of giving sakaash through your mind.

Saturday 28/1/23

Self-respect: I, the soul, an embodiment of happiness, am a bestower of happiness.



Who can give happiness to all souls?  Have I become an embodiment of happiness such that everyone experiences happiness through me?

Practice of yoga:

I, a child of the Ocean of Happiness, am an embodiment of happiness, a soul who is a bestower of happiness. Rays of happiness are spreading all around me and all souls are becoming full of this happiness.

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