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January 2023

Welcome to the Call of the Time, Experiments in Silence Platform. This month of January has been dedicated to self progress and experiments to reach the avyakt  stage like Father Brahma. 

There are 3 elements to this "avyakt month program." 

1. Dadi Prakashmani’s class: “Now let everyone go in the cave of yoga!” This Silence Invitation is based on the words of Dadiji who shared in this class: "We Dadis, would like to share with you our pure wish and recommendation, that for the next 31 days (originally 101 days) from January onwards, that each one at their respective places do tapasya with a determined thought. These days instead of focusing on outside service, concentrate on creating yoga programs to make the self powerful. Have a sweet spiritual heart-to-heart conversation about this. Let everyone go completely underground for 31 days."

2. The avyakt murlis for the avyakt year: On the 5 Sundays in January, we will listen to the murlis spoken by BapDada in 1993, the year He named as “The Avyakt Year”.  5 Senior Yogis will experiment with the suggested practices in these murlis prior to them being sent to the family.  They will share a recording of their experiences that the family can access for inspiration.

3. The family's collective Experiments in Silence: Each Sunday, after listening to the avyakt murli and the experiences of the Senior Yogis, BK students and teachers are encouraged to practise collectively in order to experience a deep avyakt stage.

We encourage you to take full advantage of this time for  

deep transformational month of silence as described in 

Dadi Prakashmani's class and become closer to the avyakt stage. 

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