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Avyakt Murli 15 January 2023

"The beloved, royal children of the confluence age, and so the rulers of the future kingdom."

Original murli 18/1/1993

Listen from Brother Brijmohan, Madhuban, about his experiences with experimenting with this murli:

Experiments in Silence 3: Jan 15 - Jan 22, 2023

Sunday 15/1/23

Self-respect: I am a royal child (Rajdulara) of The Supreme Soul.


What is Supreme Soul's affection? How do I receive it?

Practice of yoga:

By remaining continously intoxicated in your alaukik life, experience being the royal child of the Comforter of Hearts. I am one in multimillions with this great fortune. By emerging all attaintments of the confluence age remain deeply merged in the Supreme's love and affection.

Monday 16/1/23

Self-respect: I am a self-sovereign, a master of the self.


Are all the workers in the activity of self-sovereignty carrying out all duties according to law and order?  Are any of the physical organs deceiving the workers?

Practice of yoga:

I, the soul, the king, am a master of the mind, intellect and sanskars, including the physical sense organs.  Being a self-sovereign, I sit on the seat of the forehead, hold a court of the workers, the physical sense organs and ask each one of the workers their condition.


Tuesday 17/1/23

Self-respect: I am an almighty emperor of purity.


The sanskars of purity are the foundation of the future world.  How?  What is the method to make the dharna of purity natural?

Practice of yoga:

I, the soul, am an almighty emperor who fully imbibes purity in my thoughts, words, actions, relationships and connections. Experience the pure rays from Baba falling on I, the soul, and immediately finishing all traces of impurity. Be a master sun of purity and do the service of spreading the rays of purity everywhere.


Wednesday 18/1/23

Self-respect: I am a soul who has the experience of supersensuous joy.


What is the experience of supersensuous joy?  What things do I need to pay attention to, in order to experience that happiness?

Practice of yoga:

Stay beyond the senses, be full with all attainments, sit beneath the rays of the ocean of happiness and while experiencing supersensuous joy, practise spreading vibrations of happiness on the globe.  Experience how sorrow and suffering in the world are finishing.


Thursday 19/1/23

Self-respect: I have a right to a kingdom of unbroken peace.


How can a situation of peacelessness or a storm be made into a gift?  Do I have unbroken peace in my self-sovereignty?

Practice of yoga:

I, the soul, in my original religion, am an embodiment of peace, I am a child of the Ocean of Peace, and am a resident of the land of peace. I am unshaken and immovable even in upheaval, and experiencing peace in peacelessness; sitting beneath the rays of the ocean of peace, I am spreading cool rays of peace.


Friday 20/1/23

Self-respect: I, the soul, am a jewel of contentment.


What is the stage of being ignorant of the knowledge of limited desires? 

Practice of yoga:

I, the soul, am full of knowledge, virtues and powers… I am full with all attainments, I am beyond all limited desires.  I have become a jewel of contentment and am spreading rays of contentment. Practice spreading the vibrations of contentment everywhere into the atmosphere.


Saturday 21/1/23

Self-respect: I am an easy yogi soul.


What are the specialities of an easy yogi soul?  By paying attention to which things can I experience easy yoga? 

Practice of yoga:

I, the soul, am combined with Baba.  Let the tilak of the awareness of the soul always be applied. With the awareness of the words “My Baba”, be an easy yogi and practise: “Karankaravanhar Baba is with me” and continue to experience receiving virtues and powers from Baba.

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